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Some of Arco-legal's Partners served as advisors to ministers in former French Cabinets, held public offices or were elected at the French Congress. These past experiences give them an intimate knowledge of the administrative and political process in France in addition to numerous personal contacts among senior civil servants as well as with French politicians. These skills and expertise are available for use by our clients to enable strategic decision making in the defense of their legitimate interests.

Keeping track of the regulatory and legislative environments is essential for companies as well as governments entering into contracts or conventions in France or with French Institutions. Our advising and lobbying skills within a dynamic legislative environment enable our clients to explain and defend their projects in order for institutional decision makers to take better account of their views.

Whether it be managing the risks of a specific project; developing activities in the strictly regulated fields of Defense and Security; defining and validating a strategy; or identifying the adequate contact, our team of lawyers will provide our clients with experience and network. There are no "small matters" when it comes to lobbying activities, therefore a Partner will always be personally and directly in charge.

Explaining and making a specific subject clear to decision makers, devising strategies requires broader skills than communication aptitudes no matter how sophisticated it might be. Finding harmonious and complementary synergies, setting up a team of professionals dedicated to a sensitive project for a client is no simple matter. Therefore, when needed, we suggest teaming up with two partner companies. With such an approach our law firm coordinates and manages the overall project while the partner companies provide e-Lobbying and e-Reputation actions as well as public/press relations to complement our services.

Missions' Framework

Political monitoring. On subjects of interests for our client, decisions 'monitoring of key targets, locally or at the national level. Analysis of clients 'image or project's image among politicians.

Analysis of regulatory and legislative changes regarding clients' field of interests. More and more unforeseen developments in laws or regulations in a specific field occur and are linked to the perception that politicians will have of a public event. Keeping track of their motives, suggesting specifications in clients' best interest while respecting public interest  is part of our mission.

Establishing a clear understanding of key actors within governmental staff and within the public administration in order to explain our clients goals and expectations. Assisting clients in preparing documentations and meetings for their projects.

Drafting communication strategies for members of the Assemblée Nationale or the Sénat, specifically those most concerned by the project, as well as for concerned governmental staff.

Drafting "talking points" to educate a specific institutional group via for example a "white book" to help them make a decision on a specific project.

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