PRACTICES > Commercial Assistance and Litigation

Arco-legal provides its clients with the legal resources needed to tackle complex commercial, business and legal matters.

Its range of services covers all situations which occur over the course of a company's business life :

 • Assistance in negotiating and writing contracts,

 • Setup of commercial agreements,

 • Assistance in organizing pre-contentious actions,

 • Drafting of transactions.

Our practices of excellence are :

 • Contracts law,

 • Retail law,

 • Commercial law,

 • Collective insolvency and bankruptcy Proceedings,

 • Directors or company's executives' liability law.

Arco-legal with its wide variety of clients is a recognized law firm in the practice of commercial law. Whether it be for a mission of assistance or to litigate complex and sophisticated business cases, its lawyers possess the expertise to provide the appropriate services.

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