A law firm with multiple skills

Our practice is diversified, crossing several industries and addressing public as well as private law. This enables our clients to benefit from a vast range of experience ensuring them a superior representation in matters of litigation, arbitration, regulation, and transaction.

Our law firm provides services with Public Law, Commercial Law, Civil Liability Law, Employment Law, Criminal Law, and Public Policy…

Arco-legal's team, a wealth of experience

Our lawyers' extensive experience in legal assistance as well as in litigation provides them with indispensable serenity ensuring the best strategic choices for an active defense of their clients' interests.

Arco-legal is a recognized and respected law firm among its peers. Our pride in our integrity, our dedication to the deontological rules of the Bar as well as our confraternity towards the profession and the various jurisdictions are widely recognized.

A very good expertise of applicable laws and a fine tuned understanding of the magistrates' expectations through the perception of their jurisprudence enables Arco-legal to anticipate or accompany the evolution of substantive law.

Our lawyers' experience enables them, as dedicated professionals, to provide clients with precise, relevant, and convincing conclusions in complex legal affairs.

Our multidisciplinary approach serves private persons (companies, individuals) for example in contractual negotiations as well as public persons (central administrations, local governments, and public institutions) in particular during hearings where the clarity and technicality of our lawyers' arguments often convince the magistrates in complex or sensitive legal matters.

Lawyers at the forefront of legislation

All our lawyers attend or contribute to professional events or training seminars ensuring an optimal level of competence.

Each week, training sessions and information meetings are held to update every professional within the firm with the latest legal and legislative evolutions.

A state of the art law firm

Arco-legal makes use of the latest technological means to track the evolution of all its files and provide its clients with the latest developments in real time.

Excellence in law and technology is at the core of Arco-legal's creation.

Skills, reactivity and a holistic assistance to its clients remain Arco-legal's raison d'être.
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