PRACTICES > Labor and Employment Law

Arco-legal and its lawyers help companies and their leadership meet the challenges of employment issues such as collective bargaining, employment dispute, union organizing and strikes.

Arco-legal assists its clients in :

 • writing employment and service provider contracts,

 • amending existing contracts or contracts’ performances,

 • assisting employers with disciplinary action and defending them in a wide range of litigation claims from disability
    discrimination to wrongful discharge or breach-of-contract claims,

 • negotiating and drafting amicable transactions.

Arco-legal will assist its clients in providing effective prevention of collective actions.

As a global partner, Arco-legal offers a holistic approach to labor and employment issues within a company. To achieve compliance and optimize labor organization its lawyers will aim at developing dialogue on several issues such as :

 • collective bargaining negotiations,

 • union election campaigns,

 • union organizing and assignment within the company,

 • maximum working hours issues.

A global understanding of these issues prevents costly employment disputes and litigation for companies, large or small.

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